tirsdag 24. mars 2009

Kick The Vik! With Video!

Jonte checkin his line from the hüette..

Me and my buddy Jonte went to Oberalppass to ski a sweet freeride comp called Kick The Vik.(video, I was 2place) A lot of touring, but beautiful weather and some niiice lines to be had. This was Jonte`s first comp and he kept on his feet, and skied a greaat run! Way to go buddy!
We met Alex from St.Gallen and stayed in maighelshuette about 2 hrs skinning from the trainstation in Oberalppass.

You can go in and vote for the best run in the comp here!

You can barly see the Maighelshuette in the middel of the pic. This is taken from my starting point on saturday..

Looking down the start of my line..

Here I just got up the mountain, after 3 hrs
with only one alpine trekker....

And this is after my line..

Jonte and me talking Crap...

Now I am back in Eberg and its DUMPING!!

Later yall!

Ps. I might come with a update with some skiing
from the comp..

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  1. Hi Even,
    cool blog, nice report about kick the vik!
    check out mine:

    everything okey in Ebeg? When do you leave Eberg? End of April?

    ride on, georg