torsdag 16. april 2009

France it is..

I left Engelberg after having the best season ever!!
Had a greeat week in Le deux alpes judging the Danish freeride champs, and having me a pastis or two.... ;)
I have a lot of pics for you.. so here it goes;)

Wanna ski this..??

Stig droppin in to the Pan de rideau..

La Grave lifts....

Room with a view..

Yeah, climbed 3 lenghts on the lookers
left of the waterfall.. Thanx Halfdan..

No comment.......

Rapelling in to La Voute...

lørdag 4. april 2009

Sun, fondue and a glass of white wine...

Sorry for not updating the blog more often.. But I dont like making you guys so jealous..
But here it goes..

It is still a lot of snow here in CH..

Cato Lægreid is getting back in shape!!

Best skis ever! Contact me if you need a pair..

We love them jeans....

Well, I am acctually updating my blog on Carmelas balcony right now.
And I am only wearing my shorts. Its pretty darn nice!! Later yallll....

tirsdag 24. mars 2009

Kick The Vik! With Video!

Jonte checkin his line from the hüette..

Me and my buddy Jonte went to Oberalppass to ski a sweet freeride comp called Kick The Vik.(video, I was 2place) A lot of touring, but beautiful weather and some niiice lines to be had. This was Jonte`s first comp and he kept on his feet, and skied a greaat run! Way to go buddy!
We met Alex from St.Gallen and stayed in maighelshuette about 2 hrs skinning from the trainstation in Oberalppass.

You can go in and vote for the best run in the comp here!

You can barly see the Maighelshuette in the middel of the pic. This is taken from my starting point on saturday..

Looking down the start of my line..

Here I just got up the mountain, after 3 hrs
with only one alpine trekker....

And this is after my line..

Jonte and me talking Crap...

Now I am back in Eberg and its DUMPING!!

Later yall!

Ps. I might come with a update with some skiing
from the comp..

søndag 15. mars 2009

Die grosse Lawine..

The other night a huge avalanche went down the Geissberg. It was selftriggered and more than 8 meters in of snow was piled up in the bottom.. Here are some pictures from yesterday..

Trees was cut down by the hard wind from the avy..

This is Geissberg in between Laub on the right,
and Galti on the left.

There was also triggered a huge avy in Laub.
This was for safety reasons..

Well, take care in the mountains folks..


fredag 13. mars 2009

Beautiful day in Heaven..

Noch eine huuure schöne tag in Engelbergli;)
Hut war mega, die schnee soft und schnell, und die sonne scheint.
Kannst nit besser werden, I LIKE A LOT!

So, no more words, just pictures..

This is Alma-ata, he is a pro-skier from Kashaktstan...

This is the other flying squirrel from schwede, Jontebass..

If you didnt think the english could ski..
Think again.......

This skier just came down from heaven.. ;)

Jonte turning infront of Johannas camera.. Or?

This is acctually a biig avalanche on the way
to the gondola, from my appartment..

Sååå jæævlaa braaaa!!

Well, I guess thats it for this time.. Maby some more to come soon..
Oh, Desiree`s is a nice place to chill with the mama`s...

I`m out, bisch bald yall...

mandag 9. mars 2009

Fuck, its too much snow.. Basketball memories.

Well. its almost true.. Saturday was almost to deep.. Or it wasnt steep enough.
And now its snowing again. I aint had time to take any photos, its been to deep..

Lately I have thought alot about when I used to play basketball. And I really miss it alot.. So I have found a few old pictures, and articles on the web. Its fun to think back. Too bad we didnt have internett back in the early days, when I played on Bjørnegård BBC. We played tournaments in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, we went to the states for 3 weeks, we had so much fun. AND, we where acctually pretty good.. Morten Karr, if you read this.. DAMN we had some good times in Combihallen, and outside in the summer using the car to light up the playground so we could play all night long.. Those where the days..

Automatic......... and Patrik Sandstrøm..

I am not sure why all these good memories come up in times like this. Having the best snow conditions ever. And skiing pow almost every day.. But, I guess basketball has been the biggest part of my life. And I really really miss it....

I guess my last season, got injured.I am far left nr.13..

Winning the Norwegian champs, in 2002...

Happy times!!

Adding a link from a nice article from back in the days:
(sorry, most of it in norwegian)


Old national team stuff from 1998

Well, next time I will come up with some snowy pics..

Until then.. EvenO

fredag 27. februar 2009

Crazy Wingsuit POV!!

My friend Lars Haukom went flying the Eiger..
Check out the Link for POV-cam of him and his buddys..

Eiger wingsuit