fredag 13. mars 2009

Beautiful day in Heaven..

Noch eine huuure schöne tag in Engelbergli;)
Hut war mega, die schnee soft und schnell, und die sonne scheint.
Kannst nit besser werden, I LIKE A LOT!

So, no more words, just pictures..

This is Alma-ata, he is a pro-skier from Kashaktstan...

This is the other flying squirrel from schwede, Jontebass..

If you didnt think the english could ski..
Think again.......

This skier just came down from heaven.. ;)

Jonte turning infront of Johannas camera.. Or?

This is acctually a biig avalanche on the way
to the gondola, from my appartment..

Sååå jæævlaa braaaa!!

Well, I guess thats it for this time.. Maby some more to come soon..
Oh, Desiree`s is a nice place to chill with the mama`s...

I`m out, bisch bald yall...

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