fredag 27. februar 2009

Crazy Wingsuit POV!!

My friend Lars Haukom went flying the Eiger..
Check out the Link for POV-cam of him and his buddys..

Eiger wingsuit

torsdag 26. februar 2009

"I am a rather strong skier"

Well, not my words, but a English tourist that had no clue.. He wanted to
ski with the boys and told us we probably did not have to
wait for him much.. Well, me and Henrik started the 2200
vertical meters straightlining.. And thats all we seen of him that day...

I am gonna post a few headcam shots from yesterday..
Nothing spectacular, but I am playing around with it a bit..

My homerun down from Titlis side

Alex Huber the flying Austrian..

Henrik from Sportslageret, flying too...

Henrik really fell in love w this guys onepiece..

Le Baguette...

This clip is a bit boring and long..
BUT, you are gonna have something
to laugh about if you see the whole thing..


tirsdag 24. februar 2009

Is it ever gonna stop...?

Its been a while since my last update.. But, I have been real real busy. Busy skiing pow!!
It doesn`t seem to stop dumping... Snow records all over the place.
I read the papers from Norway, and see they have lots of snow aswell.. But, I am really happy to be here to experience this sick, sick, sick season... :)

A few pics from around Engelberg...

Eberg by night..

Well, my K705i is not to happy with night-shots.
So, here are some from outside my appartment.

And then, outside the Scwimmbad................

Oh, YES I know how to roll down the windows..

This last shot is acctually taken with a helmetcam.
Visit if u wanna get in on the action..

Now its time to sleep.. More powder 2mrrw...


mandag 16. februar 2009

Yeah, it was a pretty deep day......

Words are useless.. I have a few clips, photos for you..

Simen Berg working his camera, shooting
his drowning girl Kathrine..

Here is a short clip of a few powturns by Kathrine.

Here is the happy powdercouple, day finished..

Here is a little view from the backside of Titlis.

And last a little french style pee-break.. Pat..

Today I am chillin, body is sore after a SICk week
of powderskiing, and yesterday with the bluebird..
Well, as I said words cant describe how good it was..


torsdag 12. februar 2009

Where the fuck am I.........

So, its been dumping quite a bit lately, and the snow gets deeper and deeper, and deeper..
I think I had some of my deeeeepest turns ever today, here in Swizzaland. Nuff said..

No need for any words on this picture..

I aint gonna show yall the gooood stuff,
just a few videos of the worst skiing we did today,
and the flattest spots with the least pow.

The good shit I keep for my self and my friends;)

Now a few words..

This was my crew today.. You think it looks deep??

Lawinegefahr im schlittelbahn...??

You need to click on this picture. Did you know
there are Troll`s in Engelberg??

And then a screaming skier. Dunno who this
weirdo is....

Crazy Scotish Mike, on rocks in Eberg..

Oh, by the way.. Since I got back at 16hrs,
its probably another 20cm outside my window..

Tomorrow is yet another day in Heaven.............


tirsdag 10. februar 2009

Art, Tartiflette and Powder...


Time for a little update. Its been dumping and we have had some siiiiick skiing the last days. No sick skiing pics, no sick skiing caught on tape.. Only my brilliant Ericsson phone doing its job..

First of all Tartiflette with my buddys Fab-Fabio
and Patrick "le baguette"...

Food is important, but you also need some "cultural food" as well.
So we headed down to Stans(15mins down the road from Eberg)
and had a few beers at a local concert-artsy-loced-out joint.


The day after the sweet concert we headed down to
Luzern for some window shopping..

Le Baguette thaught this new skateboard "deck"
was quite describing for himself...

Shoveling snow swizz-style. A pretty original dude.....

And then the most stupid statements so far this
season.. Oh, yeah its my voice.....

"Like its my best run ever without seeing... "

Ps. Check Jussi crashing in the background!!

Check out the link:

Thanks to , Mikke Eriksson!

Until next time yall..


torsdag 5. februar 2009

Back to normal...

So I am back in Engelberg. Nice little studio that I share with Le Baguette.. Its nice to not travel for a little while, have some good food and get fit again. I went by my buddy Mattis in Zurich, and he is a first class chef, gooooooood shit;)

In Zurich I had a little screening of our South-America trip this last summer, on Mattis` wall.

Mattis also has a LP player, not everyday you
get to spin some records. But I quite like it..

Old records, good food, good people... And now,
hopefully some more greaaat skiing.

Its supposed to dump this weekend, keeping
my fingers crossed;)


tirsdag 3. februar 2009

Is it gonna Crack??

My K750i did its work in Macedonia too.. Here is the result;)

So I am back in sivilazation, Zurich.. Been walking around town today looking at all the "suits" and well dressed people. Dunno what they thinking, but they look stressed.. Its a huge difference from last week in Macedonia, and Skopje. Huge... I will post some pics from the last week, even some ski pics.. Åzzy, Ev1, Kræstiansen, Hjørnet, Zhooota og meg på tur, aldri sur, vell....

On my way to Macedonia... Mountains..

Our Guide, wich makes it crack;) Thanks for a
cool week dudes..;)

They gave us some magazines to read at our first
Hotell in Popova Shapka;)

Åzzbourne, going for a crack!

The crew is workin hard, Ziggy doin his thing
Look out for the real pic by

Nuff said.............................................

Macedonian tree-monkey..

Skopsko! Important part of Macedonian lifestyle..

Last words from Espen Kræstiansen.... , ,, ,,

And a little bonus.. Make sure you check out
next years skimovie