lørdag 24. januar 2009

Oslo is over, for now..

Its time for some new adventures. Macedonia is up next. I have had 3 days of work in Oslo, and tomorrow morning I am on a jetplane to Skopje. 4 days of catskiing in the boarder to Kosova.
I am really exited on this, and will meet Patrick Vuagnet, and Sverre Hjørnevik for a cold beer on sunday evening;)

Well, here are some of my last mobile-images...

Star-BUCKS, hoooly shit this cost me over 10 EUR...
Lausanne downtown..

And this even more.. Geneve airport.

This is where I worked the 3 last days...
Gardermoen, Aircraft museum..

Good to have a nice hotel-room now and then.

Well, next time you all will hear from me I might
have some more interresting pictures...


onsdag 21. januar 2009

First time blog-master..

It all started of smoothly with a drive down to Engelberg the 20th of dec, with Hardcore-Willy..

20 december-20 january!

Ok, so here it goes.. I never thought I would do this, but its nice to keep yall posted on what I am doing in the winter..

This is only gonna be a blog with a few words and pics from my K750i Ericsson phone..
And this time, cus its the first blog its gonna be lots of pics..

You know ur in Swizzaland when you can read this shitt while taking a dump...

Salt and Pepper in Engelberg...

Beer taste just as good in Swizzaland as anywhere...

Finally up and running in Engelberg..

Then it was off to Footworks in Chamonix for some proffessional help..
http://www.foot-works.fr/ !

Seb doin his thang, shaping, blocking fitting my new ski boots..

The new top secret 2011 Salomon freeride boots.... ??

And finally a week of Italian coffe, befor leaving for Oslo..