torsdag 16. april 2009

France it is..

I left Engelberg after having the best season ever!!
Had a greeat week in Le deux alpes judging the Danish freeride champs, and having me a pastis or two.... ;)
I have a lot of pics for you.. so here it goes;)

Wanna ski this..??

Stig droppin in to the Pan de rideau..

La Grave lifts....

Room with a view..

Yeah, climbed 3 lenghts on the lookers
left of the waterfall.. Thanx Halfdan..

No comment.......

Rapelling in to La Voute...

lørdag 4. april 2009

Sun, fondue and a glass of white wine...

Sorry for not updating the blog more often.. But I dont like making you guys so jealous..
But here it goes..

It is still a lot of snow here in CH..

Cato Lægreid is getting back in shape!!

Best skis ever! Contact me if you need a pair..

We love them jeans....

Well, I am acctually updating my blog on Carmelas balcony right now.
And I am only wearing my shorts. Its pretty darn nice!! Later yallll....