mandag 9. mars 2009

Fuck, its too much snow.. Basketball memories.

Well. its almost true.. Saturday was almost to deep.. Or it wasnt steep enough.
And now its snowing again. I aint had time to take any photos, its been to deep..

Lately I have thought alot about when I used to play basketball. And I really miss it alot.. So I have found a few old pictures, and articles on the web. Its fun to think back. Too bad we didnt have internett back in the early days, when I played on Bjørnegård BBC. We played tournaments in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, we went to the states for 3 weeks, we had so much fun. AND, we where acctually pretty good.. Morten Karr, if you read this.. DAMN we had some good times in Combihallen, and outside in the summer using the car to light up the playground so we could play all night long.. Those where the days..

Automatic......... and Patrik Sandstrøm..

I am not sure why all these good memories come up in times like this. Having the best snow conditions ever. And skiing pow almost every day.. But, I guess basketball has been the biggest part of my life. And I really really miss it....

I guess my last season, got injured.I am far left nr.13..

Winning the Norwegian champs, in 2002...

Happy times!!

Adding a link from a nice article from back in the days:
(sorry, most of it in norwegian)


Old national team stuff from 1998

Well, next time I will come up with some snowy pics..

Until then.. EvenO

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